The Duplicate Finder for Adobe Lightroom

Teekesselchen is a fast duplicate finder plug-in for Adobe Lightroom using EXIF meta-data. It supports Lightroom Classic and runs on Windows as well as on Mac OS X.

Get the Latest Version 1.9.0 (2021)

The code is available on GitHub

Universal ZIP

Version 1.9.0 [SHA-256]


  1. Download the latest
  2. Unzip to teekesslechen.lrplugin (Safari does this for your)
  3. Start Lightroom Classic
  4. Open the Plug-In Manager from the menue (File > Plug-In Manager...)
  5. Click on Add and browse to unzipped teekesslechen.lrplugin
  6. Done


Read the tutorial in order to learn how you can get the best out of Teekesselchen. It is good to know that this plug-in marks and organizes your duplicate photos but never deletes them.

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