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This tab shows general information about the plug-in.

About Tab

The About tab


Teekesselchen can look up for new versions if you like this behavior. It needs an Internet connection to send a request to the server of this website. Please deselect this box if you do not want this. You can trigger the look up for a new version on your own by pushing the button "Check now for updates". Or go to the Download page and check it on your own.


Usually, you do not need this functionality. With an activated check-box "Logging" the plug-in sends log messages to your local logging system. Common applications for viewing debug output are:

  • DebugView (available for download from Microsoft)
  • WinDBG (available for download from Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Developer Studio
  • Console (built-in application on Mac OS: look in /Applications/Utilities)
  • Xcode

Please keep in mind that active logging can slow down this plug-in. Only activate it for debugging purposes.

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